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Are you overwhelmed with all the noise and BS out there when it comes to fitness and nutrition? Are you looking for some resources and information? We have a ton of content in our blog. From how to properly breathe and brace, to nailing your first pull up and prepping your meals, we have tips and tricks to help you figure it out. Let us guide you on your fitness path.
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How To Stay Motivated To Workout

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself this question before: “How Do I Stay Motivated?” Motivation, discipline, and routine are paramount in creating healthy habits for your health and fitness goals, and for your life in general. In this article, we breakdown what motivation actually is, how discipline differs, what the benefits

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Group Fitness Classes vs Group Fitness Training

Individualized programming is the best way to train. Period. You will see the best results by having a solid personal trainer tailoring a program that is specific to you. However, if working out in a group setting motivates you to be active, group fitness and group training programs can be

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The Accuracy of Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are quickly becoming a big part of our lives. Thanks to the advent of the smart watch, one in five Americans owns some sort of fitness tracking device. In this article, we’ll share the benefits and downside of owning a fitness tracker, what fitness trackers track and how,

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How To Structure A Home Workout Routine

Working out at home is becoming more and more popular in recent years. In this article, you’ll learn body weight movements you can do at home. This includes options to have an effective training session when you’re at home and without traditional gym equipment or none at all. If you’re

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The Downsides and Benefits of Fasting

Intermittent fasting has become a fad the last few years in the fitness industry. There are a ton of benefits to fasting (some of which we mention in this article), but some people in the fitness industry have taken those benefits and run with them; selling the latest supplement or

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Heavy Weight, Light Weight And Everything In Between

When should you be lifting heavy and when should you be using lighter weights, and which is most beneficial? Here’s a breakdown of the science and real life strategies that will help you know how to incorporate and structure both into your routine. The short answer is – you should

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How To Combine Cardio and Strength Training

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about cardio and how it relates to your fitness goals. If you’re trying to use cardio for fat loss, sorry, you’re barking up the wrong tree. We’ll go over why cardio is important for overall health, but why it doesn’t work to

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