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How Much Does a Personal Trainer Cost?

If you’re looking to improve your fitness, recover from an injury, or simply learn a new skill, the best way to reach your goals is through hiring a personal trainer. But what does that look like? We break down the investment and what you should look for when hiring a

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Healthy Coconut Chicken Meatballs on a plate

Healthy Coconut Chicken Meatballs

Want to spice up your chicken meatballs? Like coconut shrimp but you don’t have any shrimp? Whatever your reason for trying this recipe, you’ll enjoy this coconut chicken meatball recipe. It’s simple and delicious and all you need is 7 ingredients plus a dipping sauce. We have recommendations below, but

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Weight Lifting for Women and Weight Loss

While many women are told by their doctors they need to lose weight, we as a nation are focusing on the wrong metric. Why Weight Loss is Not the Answer Weight loss and fat loss are not the same thing, and promoting weight loss alone without the emphasis on body

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Cold Therapy and Cold Thermogenesis

What is Cold Therapy? Cold therapy is a way to purposely expose your body to an extreme temperature fluctuation (cold) that provides a short term stressor to the body. This will improve the body’s ability to handle stress over time. This phenomenon is known as hormesis. Hormesis is a low-dose

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Reverse Dieting

What is Reverse Dieting? Reverse dieting is the process of slowly adding in calories to speed up the metabolism. When you constantly restrict your calories, your body naturally slows down its metabolism as it loses mass, in order to survive on lower calories. This is known as “metabolic adaptation” and

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Training Splits: Two Ways to Break Up Your Training

What is the Best Training Split? Your training split is just what it sounds like – it’s the way you split up your training. You can break up your training into specific body part days, upper and lower body days (upper lower split), full body days, or more. – there

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How to Stretch and Strengthen the Hip Flexors

Keeping the hip joint healthy is important for longevity and a pain-free life. With convenience and lifestyle factors (a lot of sitting), the hip joint tends to suffer from both tightness and weakness. Here are a couple of tests to determine if your hips are tight of weak and when

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How to Warm Up and Cool Down Properly

Why do a warm up? It’s Squat Day. You walk into the gym and take a few reps with the empty bar and then jump into your warm up sets …sound familiar? This is NOT a proper warm-up. A warm up is about priming your body for the specific movements

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How Online Personal Training Works

The world is changing. Technology provides us with a unique opportunity to work with personal trainers anywhere in the world. This type of training provides convenience, flexibility, and accessibility. The Benefits of Online Personal Training Working with an online personal trainer means working out on your own time with whatever

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