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Paige Bauer

NASM Personal Trainer
NASM Golf Fitness Specialist
NASM Bodybuilding Coach
Online Fitness Coach Barpath Fitness


Jason Traxson

MS Kinesiology
Athletic Trainer
OTA Online Trainer
Online Fitness Coach Barpath Fitness

Heather Hamilton

MS Applied Health Science
ACSM Exercise Physiologist
ACE Personal Trainer
USA Weightlifting Coach
Elite Powerlifter USPA
Co-Owner Barpath Fitness

Katie Kollath

MS Health and Human Performance
ACE Sports Nutritionist
ACE Personal Trainer
USA Weightlifting Coach
Co-Owner Barpath Fitness

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Online fitness coaching is the next best thing to in person training.

You’ll get personalized training programs with instruction videos and session guidance. Each session will have sets, reps, rest periods, tempo, and anything else your coach programs for you. You’ll have weekly program updates based on your progress and needs. Your coach will respond to your workouts with tailored video feedback within 24-48 hours so that you’ll have form corrections and considerations for your next workout.

We use a fitness app called Truecoach to deliver your workouts at the start of each week. Each training session has demonstration videos and detailed instructions so you know exactly what to expect getting into your workout. While we can’t be in the room with you, we can give you feedback quickly after you upload videos of your training.

Online fitness coaching allows for flexibility in your schedule and convenience so that you can train when you have time; without having to worry about meeting your trainer in person at a set time. You can do workouts on your time with your equipment, but still get detailed professional feedback on your movements and intensity as well as top notch programming; all for a fraction of the price of in person personal training.

Our coaches have years of experience, multiple certifications and degrees, and experience working with (and competing as) athletes in various sports as well as general fitness enthusiasts and first time exercisers. Every coach on our team has a specialty, but has also had extensive experience training those with injuries, limitations, and health conditions. We believe in excellent communication and we are particular about form and intentional movement. Our feedback will challenge you to move better, dig deeper, and get stronger.

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