Improve your body composition, increase your strength, master the lifts, gain mobility and confidence

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Improve your body composition, increase your strength, master the lifts, gain mobility and confidence all with the STRONGER program.

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Master the 8 Foundational Movements

Train in a variety of rep ranges utilizing a full range of motion and targeted mobility sessions to help increase squat depth, improve single leg stability, and build raw strength and muscle.

Improve Mobility & Strength

Get stronger in a full range of motion for every lift; challenging your nervous system and recruiting more muscle fibers to gain more strength and muscle mass.

Break Through Plateaus

If you’re feeling like your strength and body composition changes have stalled, this program will challenge your way of thinking about training and help you bust through your training plateaus.


Traditional programs either target raw strength or mobility. This one will improve both at the same time. You can fit this program to your schedule by adding in mobility work as needed.

Many traditional strength programs focus on raw strength and this program gets you stronger through all of the rep ranges and teaches you to get stronger in a full range of motion for every movement; allowing for improved technical prowess and movement mastery which recruits additional muscle fibers and helps break through plateaus.

Many mobility programs involve endless stretching and daily work for general flexibility versus targeting movements. This program efficiently ties your mobility sessions to your goals, allowing you to spend less time warming up and more time getting strong.

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Program Cost: $149

Ask us Anything

Gym equipment is not required for this program, but we highly recommended having access to equipment for optimal results. However, you can modify the program as needed based off of whatever equipment you have access to.

We recommend picking a weight you feel like you have 1-2 reps left in the tank at the end of the set. See details in each phase for more information on this.

If possible, yes! However, strength isn’t always linear so you may not see significant strength gains week to week, especially if you ovulate and you are in the luteal phase of your cycle. For more information on when you will feel your strongest in your cycle, check out Episode 20 of the Stronger Than Your Boyfriend Podcast: Training Around Your Menstrual Cycle.

This totally depends on what your goal is! We do recommend, though, to use this program to try and build muscle and strength, so this will mean eating in a slight caloric surplus.

Our Stronger Than Your Boyfriend Facebook community is a great place to ask questions, post videos, and get support as you complete the program! You can also tune into the Stronger Than Your Boyfriend podcast to learn more about how you can improve your nutrition, health, and fitness while completing this program.