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How To Stop Punishing Yourself With Workouts

The topic of punishing yourself through workouts is important and has an emotional context, one that might require unpacking with a licensed professional. However, this article gives some practical advice on the truth behind this habit to help you to start to recognize and move away from using exercise as

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Protein 101: Should You Eat Meat?

Protein is super hyped in the fitness industry for a good reason, and everyone needs a lot more than we think. This article explains what protein is and why it’s so crucial to eat enough of it. Eating a protein-centric diet will change your body composition, promote fat loss, and

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How To Be a Great Online Fitness Coach

This article is a blueprint for trainers trying to be successful online. Communication is key to being a successful online fitness coach. You need to be able to listen to your clients needs, nail your consultation call, explain your offers, and check in regularly with your clients – all of

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What Are Carbohydrates? Everything You Need To Know

Carbs are a big point of controversy in the fitness space – the worst of all the four letter words. But do cabs deserve such a bad reputation? For one, carbs are the body’s #1 preferred energy source, which is extremely important information for people who want to get stronger.

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How To Run A Personal Training Business

This article lays out a 9 step framework for the business side of personal training, and how to run and scale a successful coaching business (both online and in-person). If you’re thinking about becoming an online trainer or an entrepreneur, this is pertinent information that will give you a foundation

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Fasted Cardio & Training: Pros & Cons

Fasting is a buzzword in fitness/wellness culture that needs some unpacking, especially in regard to fasted cardio and fasted weight training. This article goes over what fasted cardio and weight training are, what the science says, and what you should know. What Is Fasted Cardio? Fasted training means an individual

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Training To Failure: Exploring Training Intensity

Should you be training to failure every time? This article covers the importance of understanding how intensity affects workout effectiveness and muscle growth, and how you can structure your ideal training intensity. What Is Training To Failure? Training to failure is known as “concentric failure” — you reach the point

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