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woman doing a single arm overhead press

How to Build Arms

In this article, we go over the best movements to build arm strength and how to implement those movements into a cohesive training program. However, if you already have a well structured training routine, you will likely already be performing compound movements that build the arms. Arm Muscle Anatomy Biceps

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Man performing deadlift

How To Build Hamstrings

If you want nice looking legs, you want to build your hamstrings. Period. For the hamstrings, strength and mobility work goes hand in hand. Hamstrings are one of the most common muscle groups to injure, so if your hamstrings feel tight, they most likely need to be strengthened, and with

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bar bench press

How To Build Chest Muscle

This article covers everything you need to know to start a basic chest building routine. Building your chest is something that is important for everyone. Having a strong chest helps posture, shoulder health and more. Chest Muscle Anatomy The major muscles of the chest are the pec major and pec

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barbell squat

How To Build Quads

Who doesn’t want muscular quads? The quads give a well-rounded muscular look to the leg and help with knee stabilization. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know to start a routine around growing your quads. Quad Anatomy The muscles that make up the quad are the rectus

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pull up

How To Build Back Muscle

Whatever shape you are trying to achieve in your body; an hourglass shape or broad shoulders, training the back is a major part of creating that shape. The back is a large area on the body with lots of muscles, so building this area of the body is important for

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shoulder press with dumbbell

How To Build Shoulders

Shoulders are a key area to zone in on your training because if you’re focusing on shoulders, you’re going to have great upper body strength – everything in your upper body attaches to your shoulders. Everything. And, if you train your shoulders properly, you’re going to look sexy – of

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hip thruster with barbell

How To Grow Glutes

Who doesn’t want a nice butt? It’s the common denominator of attraction for everyone for all genders and non-genders, and it’s a signifier of good health. Not to mention, a good booty is brought up almost every rap song… This article is about how to build a bigger butt THE

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