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How To Find A Good Personal Trainer & How To Fire One

The truth is, there are a lot of trainers out there that suck. Your money and time while working towards your fitness goals are important, and having great experiences with solid trainers will create rewarding and beneficial experiences that will serve you and your health in the long-run. Here’s some

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The Relationship Between Alcohol and Fitness

If you’ve been looking for information about alcohol consumption and health, you may have found a lot of conflicting information. Some people (and even a study) have claimed that moderate amounts of alcohol have health benefits while others have said that any alcohol is harmful. Today we want to break

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woman doing plan with woman trainer fixing form

How to Strengthen Your Core

Core training is more than just training “abs” and it’s unfortunately not demonstrated effectively on social media most of the time. Contrary to what influencers will tell you, you don’t need 6 days per week of ab training with hundreds of reps. We need to train the core like any

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Training Intensity

Measuring your training intensity is extremely important when it comes to strength and muscle gains. If you find yourself half-assing workouts, you can expect you won’t see much progress. Using intensity correctly results in progressive overload; which is how you gain strength and muscle mass. Overdoing the intensity, on the

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How to Progressively Overload

This strength principle is key to seeing results. But what does progressive overload look like and how do we implement it? What is Progressive Overload? Progressive overload is the continual addition of stress placed upon the body over time as the body adapts. As we train, the body adapts to

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How to Improve Grip Strength

Whether it’s opening a jar, carrying, squeezing, or hanging, grip strength is proving to be one of our most important abilities as humans. Grip Strength Benefits Grip strength has been heavily studied and associated with many other muscular actions. In fact, grip strength correlates with so many health outcomes, it

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How to Get 10,000 Steps a Day

10,000 steps a day keeps the doctor away. Okay, we can’t prove that, sure. But, we do believe that walking is hands down one of the best things for your health. Why is walking good for you? The human body does a few things well compared to other animals –

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