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Completely Individualized Personal Training in Golden, Colorado

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Why Personal Training?

At Barpath Fitness, we believe that fitness is more than just breaking a sweat —it’s skill development, movement mastery, injury prevention, improved mental health, and more. We want to help you make this a lifestyle that empowers you to unlock your full potential. Our expert personal trainers are here to guide you every step of the way.

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Personal Training

Our Experienced Personal Trainers in Golden, CO

Heather Hamilton

MS Applied Health Science
ACSM Exercise Physiologist
ACE Personal Trainer
USA Weightlifting Coach
Elite Powerlifter USPA
Co-Owner Barpath Fitness

Katie Kollath

MS Health and Human Performance
ACE Sports Nutritionist
ACE Personal Trainer
USA Weightlifting Coach
Co-Owner Barpath Fitness

Personal Training Prices

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1 Hour Personal Training Session


30 Minute Personal Training Session


about personal training

A personal training session is typically 30 minutes to an hour and includes a fully personalized experience with your certified trainer. You’ll work toward mastering movement as a skill, improving strength, endurance, flexibility, and other goals as decided with your trainer. This session is 100% about YOU and you’ll have the full attention of a professional trainer who will be working at your skill level to challenge you just enough to keep you improving week to week.

Wear comfortable clothing you can move in and bring water to stay hydrated. Your trainer will help you from there if you need to consider any specific footwear or additional items during a session, but typically comfortable workout attire is best.

That is completely up to you and your trainer. Most clients see best results by meeting two to three times per week in person. Some clients are only able to meet once per week, but do hybrid online fitness coaching in order to stay on program when not meeting with a trainer in person.

Our coaches have years of experience, multiple certifications and degrees, and experience working with (and competing as) athletes in various sports as well as general fitness enthusiasts and first time exercisers. Every coach on our team has a specialty, but has also had extensive experience training those with injuries, limitations, and health conditions. We believe in excellent communication and we are particular about form and intentional movement. Our feedback will challenge you to move better, dig deeper, and get stronger.

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